Conversation With a Desk Clerk at The El Pueblo

Here is a medium-length recap of part of the Taos visit.  NEVER go to that area if you don’t have your sense of humor intact. 


I think you can figure out who is who in this conversation.  The clerk is definitely a Taos blond, about 25-30 years old.  (The 60s and 70s [and evidently the 21st century] were/[is] definitely good to a lot of people living in Taos…and probably their 25-30 year old offspring).


The hotel:  (Can you find a street address on the site?)



That was enough for one night!

BTW….we never found Ogelvies that night.  We did see it Sunday before we left…not quite 4 blocks and not south on the main drag as pointed. 
We tried a Pub.  They had their own micro-brewery in the basement.  The local brew tasted more like paint remover than beer.  Nothing on the menu that wasn’t green, stringy, mushroom mutation, lots of goat cheese, tofu, or “organic” and nothing less than $15 a plate.  I drank my beer…..Susan sipped a little from hers. We left to look for real food after a guy comes up out of the basement, black pants, black Metallica t-shirt, sides and back of the head shaved with 12” black dreadlocks coming out of the top of his head bouncing like Slinkies, carrying something green in his very dirty black apron……Wonder if it was green stuff for the menu?

We stopped at another place, looked at the posted menu.  It was a very similar menu like above, with nothing less than $25 a plate.  But, a little classier ….and more goat cheese.

Finally found the Guadalajara Grill.  They did some resemblance of Baja Mexican seafood.  At least it wasn’t more goat cheese.  It was almost ok…..overcooked and chewy, but still a little artsy-fartsy, and not quite real food, but edible….Susan does pretty well with seafood.

Never saw a steak house…………  If there was one, they probably put goat cheese on everything anyway…..or tofu steaks.  Cows must be pretty safe in that part of the state……..